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    Smart Moves With Scratchit™

    If you go to Bacolod and tell the cab that you want to go to 3 Big Brother Foodhaus, hewould immediately know what you’re talking about and bring you there, no questionsasked. Once you arrive there however, don’t expect to see people waiting in line to eat. What would greet your eyes instead would be a throng of people playing Scratchit™ instanttickets and other PCSO games. When opportunity knocks on your door, you have to answer it. This is a fact that Benito andPinky Conde of Bacolod can attest to. Once you see an opportunity, you have to grab it asquickly as possible lest it slips away. Back in 2005,…

  • Featured Stories

    Fulfillment with Scratchit

    What does it take to succeed in business? For the lucky ones, it comes naturally. For others, it involves copious amounts of trial and error. For this month’s Scratchit™ featured retailer Evangeline Dorao, it all boils down to numbers. Being a certified public accountant, Ms. Dorao has a keen eye on numbers. As such, she immediately notices potential business opportunities before everyone else does. While she was still working in a bank, she started her entrepreneurial venture by being a cola distributor in her province of Pangasinan. This of course wasn’t enough to contain her entrepreneurial spirit. When Lotto was first offered back in 2003, she dived in head first,…